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I adopted the term "perpetrator" from a 12-Step meeting,

where it was defined as "one who has violated a trust." 

As images emerged in this series, my understanding of trust deepened.


What if we step away from our socially defined colors, and recognize ourselves as one species whose colors range from deep umber to pale beige, tinged with reds and yellows?

What if Black were given its due dignity and honor as a spiritual archetype equal to White?

What if we become whole?

Trauma, personal, political or spiritual, overwhelms heart and mind. Sometimes heart, bereft, turns to words. Sometimes mind tries to imagine feelings. They help each other. They turn to art. 

Merciful Tapestry front.jpg

We are not alone.

The ancestors and elders,

the young ones and those to come,

the oceans and forests,

soil and air,

place their great trust in us,

asking only for our


stars detail.jpg

The bronze series were cast from original stone carvings. In contrast to the fluid and sensitive clay, born of the river, stone embodies the timelessness and deep mystery of the mountains. 

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